Mar 29 2008

Varsity Softball vs Page

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Just a couple of favorites from the game (you can click on either of the photos to see all the images from the game)

Erin led off the fifth (I think it was the fifth, I actually thought it was the 7th at the time) with a double…and seemed pretty happy about it 🙂 and led to the bases being loaded, but the inning ended with no runs being scored by Madison.

MCHS Softball vs Page

I just liked this photo. Lauren framed by Tiffany’s windup. Sometimes a good photo is all about standing in the right place.

MCHS Softball vs Page

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2 Responses to “Varsity Softball vs Page”

  1. Brittneyon 01 Apr 2008 at 1:19 pm

    I like this photo of Lauren and Tiffany, they are both very good players!

  2. lauraon 01 Apr 2008 at 1:27 pm

    The varsity softball game was interesting. Madison may have lost, but they tryed their best and had a great time. Thats all that matters! It doesn’t matter about winning or loosing.(it may matter to some people, but it also matters if you had fun or not?) I also think that the baseball and softball school teams shouldn’t play at the same time, because if some people have a son and a daughter in the same grade or close to the same age and they both are on the softball and baseball team the parent would want to see both of their games. Unfortunatly he/she can’t because they play at the same time, but at different places!

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