Feb 20 2009


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Lots more photos here…but the one above is the only one that really matters.  Madison defeats Clarke 56-49 to win the Bull Run District Championship and head into the Regional Tournament with a 24-0 record.

Jerel Carter, Bull Run District Player of the Year

Madison Coach Tim Taylor, Bull Run District Coach of the Year

Jerel gets some deserved media attention…

From the MCHS Athletics website:

The Varsity Boys Basketball team dominated the Basketball All District team placing 4 players on the 10 man team. Sam Utz and David Falk were named to the 2nd team and Logan Terrell and Jerel Carter were named to the 1st Team.

Backboard Remotes

Okay, so you may be wondering what all the fuss was about before the game.  Andrew Shurtleff from the Daily Progress was going to do our game up right by setting up some remote cameras, including two mounted behind the backboard.  (See some of his remote work from the UVA/Va Tech basketball game here,)  However, the VHSL won’t allow backboard remotes.  League rules say that nothing can be attached to the backboard that isn’t “normal” equipment.  I had asked a ref earlier in the season because I had wanted to do the same thing.  I was hoping he would get by with it…so I could do it later or maybe next year :-).  But nope, the refs wouldn’t let it happen.  It’s a common thing to mount backboard remotes at college and pro level games, but it’s so rare to see it done at the high school level and I guess the refs think the cameras will be distracting.  BTW, Andrew told me he typically mounts up to six remotes at UVA home games…two backboard remotes, two on the goal structure pointing up, one above the basket on a catwalk, and a couple more up in the standing pointing down at the basket.  You can see photos from some of those remotes at the link above.

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  1. […] isn’t normally supposed to be there (I asked a ref way back and there was the time a Daily Progress photographer was made to take his down a couple years ago).  So with this being a “benefit” game, no one had a problem with it.  You can see […]

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