Feb 21 2010

Virginia Group A & AA State Wrestling Championships

I shot the final day of the State Wrestling Championships yesterday down in Salem.  This is the first time I’ve been there for the finals…it wasn’t the outcome we wanted for Madison, but the “spectacle” of the State Championship matches was worth the trip.

It starts with the lights completely out in the Salem Civic Center, just four blinding spotlights.  A high school kid sings the National Anthem…there’s the Parade of Champions where previous State Wrestling Champions are paraded around while being blinded by the spotlights.  Then the wrestling finalists enter the arena with smoke and spotlights and each is introduced.

Then the emotion starts….and the blood…


Click the picture above for a slideshow of the finals.  I shot over 2500 pictures yesterday, they’ll be coming later.  Of course, LOTS of Madison, but also shot a lot of the other Bull Run District teams including Strasburg, Manassas Park, and Clarke.  The Bull Run District was VERY well represented at the State Championships, including a very large contingent of Strasburg fans…..who loudly rooted for Ethan during his State Final match.

Here are the wrestlers that placed for Madison:

Ethan O’Connell  2nd place in the State

Andrew Riner 6th place in the State

Anthony Jewett 6th place in the State

Peter Thawngzauk  8th place in the State

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