May 25 2010

TEAM effort…Madison girl’s soccer defeats Clarke 1-0 in Bull Run District Semifinal

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Samantha Cubbage scored the lone goal of the game, with about 16 minutes left to play, to give Madison the 1-0 win.  And a very nice goal it was…but that “0” in the score….the fact that Clarke’s scoring attempts got turned back time after time after time…when Clarke seemed to always have possession of the ball…that’s because there’s this WALL back there in front of Tori that just refuses to let the ball get through it… Jenna Tylar, Ellie Hill, Katy Salmon, Kayla Compton, Leanna Coates and others…they deserve at least as much credit in this win…   I just thought you needed to know that 🙂


Ellie Hill


Jenna Tylar


Samantha Cubbage

But, I’m really just there to get the celebration shots…..





…and clouds…

click to see it larger

click to see it larger

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