Sep 22 2010

Madison Cross Country vs George Mason and Manassas Park

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I didn’t stick around to get times, so I don’t have any results other than that Lynn Welch left most everyone else in the dust in the boy’s race.  According to the time stamp on the photos, he finished about 45 seconds ahead of the second place guy from Manassas Park.  And as he sprinted the final 100 meters or so, the third place guy from George Mason was only a speck on the horizon.


And, what’s almost as cool as winning….is sprinting the last 200 meters or so, and passing a Manassas Park dude right at the finish line….as Mikey Piercy did here….


Mason won the girl’s race.  Katie Berry finished first for Madison….


…followed closely by Caitlin Shilan….


The cross country meet was delayed an hour because of storms….which made for some nice clouds 🙂


…and I’m not sure who this little girl is…..but I’m pretty sure she’s going to be a runner….




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