Oct 20 2011

MCHS Volleyball vs William Monroe – “The Walkout”

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Some things I learned tonight:

  1. Madison has now defeated William Monroe twice this season, and is now 11-1 in Bull Run District play, with two matches left to play.  That’s probably the most important thing.
  2. If you yell too loudly at a volleyball match….even if you’ve been doing it all season….you will be thrown out of the gym.  Volleyball will probably soon be like golf, before the other team serves, some guy will hold up a “Quiet Please” sign so that we don’t disturb the server’s concentration.
  3. It’s okay to walk on the gym floor if you’re going to get food, or are bringing back food.  You can walk behind the server while she is serving, and behind or beside the court when the ball is in play.  However, it is not okay to chest bump between points…..even if you’ve been doing it all season long.  If you do chest bump between points, you will be thrown out of the gym.
ScrimmagePlay.com article on the match.
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