Jul 23 2012

Louisa High School Athletics, After the Quake

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I picked up a copy today of the June issue of Scrimmage Play’s print magazine.  You need to check this one out!  I got mine today at Pig & Steak in Madison.  I believe the Mountaineer Cafe is also supposed to have copies.  (You might also head over to their webpage and subscribe to their magazine.  They’re looking for support so they can continue to provide the coverage that we’ve all now become used to.)

There’s an article on Louisa High’s athletes and what they went through following the earthquake over there.  A very interesting read.  I did the cover photo, and a some of the photos for the article, and was there when Bart and Ryan were interviewing the athletes.  Amazing what they went through not only with the long school days, but also having to travel after that long school day to practice and to games.

Louisa seniors Madison Stanley and David Copeland stand on the tennis courts where they used to play prior to the earthquake. The courts are now covered by classroom pods.

Louisa athletes Jacob Conley, Madison Stanley, Hali Goad, Lyndsey Jones, Jason Guy, Kerri Chisholm, Lakey Harkrader, Autumn Wood, Kendall Catterton, Roger Jackson, Leah Chaney, Megan Lively, David Copeland, and Tierra Jackson stand in front of the now closed Louisa County High School.

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