May 07 2014

MCHS Varsity Softball vs Strasburg

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Same public service announcement:

The sports and portrait galleries on the website all expire on June 30, 2014.  Once they expire, I’ll be upgrading to a new shopping cart system here.  The cart is coded by the same company, but the new cart is a totally new design and is much more mobile device friendly (VERY important these days).  The downside of all this is that you will lose all your “Favorites” if you have them, and I know some of you have been saving them for years.  SO, if those favorites are important to you, be sure to write down numbers or print out your Favorites page.  I WILL NOT be able to get them back for you.  All the photos will still be available on my archive site, but there is no link between that site and the current shopping cart.  I just wanted you to be warned.

….and back again.  Madison defeated Strasburg tonight 12-2.  Click a photo below to see the gallery.


I just LOVE this photo…



…..and that Waverly Yowell light right at sunset…..

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