Jun 14 2008

Memphis, Day 7

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I’m adding this one a bit late, there just wasn’t any time to add pictures on Friday.

We stripped shingles from the other side of the roof we were working on in the morning. We had that side stripped in 1.5 hours! It took us a whole day to do the first side. But this side didn’t have a chimney, and we had a LOT more confidence on the roof after a week of being up there. We spent the rest of the day fixing broken or rotted sheeting boards, tarping the roof, and cleaning up. We ate our lunch a bit early and took a little time to go down the street to play with the neighborhood kids that we had met the day before.

After the workday, all the groups and their homeowners met in a park near SOS and had a picnic. After the picnic was our final chapel service, and then we started making scrapbooks for our homeowners. We were asked to bring a disposable camera with us and take pictures during the week. We then put these pictures in a scrapbook. Each group that works on the house will add their pictures to the scrapbook.

(P.S. To those in my group, I have cards from Parker that I forgot to give you all. I was supposed to give them to you on the ride home, but forgot all about it. SORRY! I will get them to you. I’ll also be adding photos from this week to Facebook as I have time, and I’ll also get you a CD of the photos.)

I also have some photos from Tom Will’s group taken by Michael that I’ll be adding to some of the pages here soon.

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