Feb 22 2011


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….short for jubilation |ˌjoōbəˈlā sh ən|  noun |  a feeling of great happiness and triumph.  “Jube” is a term used by sports photographers.  We like to shoot it.  And there’s lots of it at State Tournaments, all that emotion makes for great photographs.  Here are a few favorites from Saturday.  You can click on any of the pictures below to see a gallery of favorites from the Wrestling State Championships.  (captions below the images)


Jonny Falls, Senior, James River High, 42-4 this season, 129-40 career, Region Champ, District Champ, 2011 STATE CHAMPION at 152 lbs.


....lost in the semi finals... that seems to be worse...not even a shot at the title...


Testing the smoke machine. The wrestlers enter in complete darkness, with smoke, and spotlights....



The Color Guard enters prior to the National Anthem.


Local high schooler...ROCKED the National Anthem...best I've heard in a while...and she never faltered when the mic cut out a couple of times...


The match had to be stopped a couple of times for a nosebleed...the packing didn't want to stay in.


So, after a couple of stoppages, they packed his nose, wrapped gauze around his head, and then tape over that.


Wouldn't stay in place....


....kept sliding down...


...so, they just cut off his nose. State Championships...gotta make sacrifices.....okay, JUST KIDDING. They just WRAPPED IT REALLY TIGHT!!


Manassas Park's Kent Cadle, Sophomore, 35-2 this season, 60-9 career, Region Champ, District Champ, 2011 STATE CHAMPION at 125 lbs..

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