Mar 25 2014

MCHS Baseball and Girl’s Soccer

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FINALLY got to shoot some spring sports yesterday….in the COLD!  Well, JV Girl’s Soccer and JV Baseball weren’t too bad, but it was a bit chilly at the varsity games.  I didn’t shoot all of any of them, but you can click on the appropriate picture below to see the gallery from that game.

First up, MCHS JV Girl’s Soccer vs Strasburg.  I was there for most of the first half, Madison was up 3-0 at the break with goals by Jessica Sorrell and two by Makayla Taylor.



Next, JV Baseball vs Orange.  They eventually lost to Orange 8-5.

March 25, 2014.  
MCHS JV Baseball vs Orange.  Madison loses to Orange 8-5.


And, MCHS Varsity Girl’s Soccer vs Strasburg.  I got there late in the first half, Madison had a 1-0, and would eventually win 1-0.



And, finally, Varsity Baseball vs Orange.  From @madisonpride on Twitter, Madison scored two runs in the bottom of the seventh to defeat Orange 7-6.



And one more, if you saw my “drone” post over on, you know I have a new toy.  I’ve had the GoPro camera for several years now, but the quadcopter is a new addition.  I wondered if I’d be able to get a decent photo of the baseball field after dark, since the GoPro isn’t really designed as a low-light camera.  It’s a little grainy, but not too bad.  That’s Food Lion above the field in the photo.  I was hoping to also have Main St in the photo, but didn’t have quite the right angle.  I took off from the middle of the Young Farmer’s tractor pull track, and probably should have been closer, but didn’t want to disturb the game….although I hear some did spot the “UFO” flying near the field last night 🙂

March 24, 2014.  
Drone, baseball field

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